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Birth-control mandate attacked page 2
Marshall bills would make birth control coverage optional for employer health insurance

Date published: 10/5/2012


Since the 1990s, Virginia law has required insurance companies to offer coverage for prescription contraceptives--such as the birth control pill--if they offer coverage for other prescription drugs.

But that law--which Marshall voted against--doesn't require employers to provide that coverage to employees, he said.

Marshall said an employer declining to offer contraceptive coverage for moral reasons "is not an employer imposing his or her religion on somebody.

"This just says as a business decision for moral reasons or religious conscience reasons, I don't want to offer this that is not imposing your religious beliefs on people," Marshall said.

Also on Wednesday, Marshall filed a bill to deconform Virginia income tax law from two provisions of the Affordable Care Act, and to make it a felony to provide an abortion solely because of the gender of the fetus.

The 2013 session will convene in January, and Marshall's bills will be heard then.

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