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Are voters getting 'jobbed' by labor report?

October 6, 2012 12:10 am

MY goodness! Barack Obama is a miracle worker!

Two days after coming up short in the nationally televised debate with Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, Obama's administration issued a stunning jobs report Friday.

According to the Labor Department, the unemployment rate in this country fell from 8.1 percent in August to 7.8 percent in September.

How amazing is that? Well, two more edicts of that caliber and Obama will have three miracles to his credit and will qualify for sainthood.

Some people think the drop in the unemployment rate was even more miraculous than originally believed. Many Americans believe the president made it all happen by simply waving his magic wand immediately after Wednesday night's debate.

Do you know what that means? Obama was able to put almost a million people back to work in 48 hours! And this happened despite the fact that the Labor Department report showed that only 114,000 new jobs were created in September!

Stand aside Anne Sullivan! The president has got you beat!

Skeptics theorize that in what may be the final jobs report before next month's election, the president skewed the numbers.

They claim that for this one important report, Obama counted everyone--from the homeless guys selling aluminum beer cans to the kids shoveling sidewalks after the season's first snowfall in North Dakota Thursday--as being gainfully employed.

These skeptics liken this to Obama's declaration last winter that welfare recipients who are required to work for their benefits could claim baby-sitting their grandchildren for two hours on Saturday morning as employment.

Many also wonder why Obama, if he has these magical powers, waited until 30 days before the election to put them to work.

Why didn't he sprinkle some pixie dust when he was first elected and put millions of Americans back on the job then? Has his magic wand been misplaced for almost four years?

Skeptics also wonder where these Americans who mysteriously got jobs almost overnight are now employed. I know I wandered around all day yesterday looking for them and I couldn't find a single one.

But I'm sure they're out there. If Washington says it is true, then I believe it.

After all, politicians never lie and they certainly don't make outrageous claims and manipulate statistics for their own benefit during an election campaign.

No, never!

Well, maybe sometimes. Remember Sen. Joseph McCarthy claiming that he knew that there were 123 communists (or some similar number) who held high-ranking government jobs in Washington? Old Joe got re-elected because of that statement and his subsequent witch hunt.

Then there was George W. Bush's assertion that he had definite proof that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. That new war helped Dubya win a second term.

If Barack Obama can put almost a million people back to work in the 48 hours after every presidential debate, then maybe we ought to have more debates. Keep the pixie dust flying.

Golly! I can hardly wait to see what startling revelation will be made following the upcoming vice-presidential debate.

I'm sure Joe Biden has a miracle up his sleeve, too.

Miracles just seem to abound during election campaigns.

Donnie Johnston:

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