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Sniper shooting survivor savors life page 3
Sniper shooting survivor is fully recovered and savoring life

 Caroline Seawell has fully recovered from the 2002 sniper attack in Spotsylvania and lives in South Carolina.
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Date published: 10/7/2012


"It makes me take things a little lighter than I might have before," she said. "I don't take the little things that bother me as seriously any more.

"You just are thankful for every day that you have. You realize there are a lot of things that are not that important."

She's thankful that her prayer was answered and her life was spared.

"I know God saved me for a reason through that whole thing," she said.

And that reason revolves around family, she said.

The Seawells moved back to South Carolina so she could care for her mother for eight months before cancer took her life.

Two years later, Seawell was there for her father when he was stricken with cancer and later died.

She's also had time with her four siblings, who all live in Columbia.

And she's gotten the chance to raise her sons and be with her husband.

Ryan's health issue is now successfully managed and he's a high school freshman.

Sean moved back to Spotsylvania and now has a career with Stafford County Fire and Rescue.

He's also married to Mandy Schultz Seawell, a Chancellor High School graduate, and the two have a 15-month-old son, Benson.

Being a grandmother is a joy incomparable, Caroline Seawell said.

"Life is wonderful."

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