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Community raising cash for special van page 2
People in Orange begin fundraising campaign to buy a handicapped-accessible van for the Plumb brothers

 GW and Ben Plumb finished in the top 10 percent of a national contest for a van, but it wasn't enough to win.
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Date published: 10/7/2012


She noticed an obituary for a man who'd been a resident at the nursing home and whose wife was one of her teachers. His family asked that memorial contributions be given to the brothers' fund.

People who have visited Waugh at the home also have left donations.

"It's sort of tear-jerking and mind-boggling and crazy, all at the same time, Jane Plumb said.

Conway Faulconer, who owns Faulconer Hardware, said the brothers are excited about the fundraising campaign. They're gathering some of their things for a yard sale to raise money.

At first, their father wasn't thrilled by the effort because he didn't want to be seen as a charity case, his wife said. The couple has always paid for their son's treatments and therapies without asking for any kind of government assistance, even though they probably qualified.

But as George Plumb heard others praise his sons and express their desire to help, he had a different opinion.

"Now he's sort of like, 'I can't believe we've raised such nice young men that people think they're pillars of the community,' " Jane Plumb said.

Contributions to the Plumb brothers can be made to Virginia National Bank, Box 709, Orange, Va. 22960. On the memo line, put: "Van Fund for GW and Ben."

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