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Delightful day for dogs page 2
Dog parade effort doesn't set record, but participants have a blast in costumed affair

 Literary characters were given a new spin at this year's Masquerade Dog Parade and Dog Fair, such as Dr. Seuss' Thing One and Thing Two. More than 100 dogs showed up.
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Date published: 10/7/2012


In some cases, dogs' costumes had special meanings.

Erin Lubeshkoff of Spotsylvania had her Australian shepherd decked out in a costume with one angel wing and one devil wing.

"It's a reflection of personality," she said of Vegas, who alternates between sweet and "intense."

Jessica Reed had a different costume from her young, frisky Labrador "Watson," the owner wearing the full penguin outfit while Watson got by with simpler draped garments.

Why the penguin suit?

"I paid $50 for it not long ago and I'm wearing it as many times as I can," said the newcomer to Fredericksburg, who was joined in the parade by her husband, John.

Ben and Lynn Faust completed their German pinscher's costume neatly.

"Blitzen" was wearing a dog-size saddle, complete with miniature jockey, while Ben and Lynn also were decked out as jockeys. Ben's outfit was color-matched to Blitzen's, complete with riding boots and helmet.

"We couldn't find a bridle that fit a dog, so Blitzen's wearing my cat's body harness as a bridle," she said, also pointing out the pooch's "real" horse leg wraps.

At the Dog Fair downtown, a host of adoption and animal rescue organizations joined animal and food vendors to treat visitors to a wealth of topics.

There were rescue groups specific to many dog breeds, from bassets to bulldogs to border collies, with animal shelters from Fredericksburg to Orange County reaching out to educate and interest visitors in adopting dogs.

A favorite for many visitors: races put on by the Virginia Jack Russell Terrier Club.

In the first race of the day along a narrow, fenced run, a Jack Russell named Happy Tails Indiana Emma of Virginia Beach not only ran to one end of the course, but hot-footed it back and was ready to run again.

Unlike little Scrappy, a Jack Russell who sauntered about halfway up the course before simply stopping to sit down.

A member of the group, Jessica Westbrooks of Spotsylvania, noted that the club was providing both the races and a "lure course" at the event.

She said she would have brought her own Jack Russell to race, but was too busy helping to organize the event.

Cox noted that proceeds from the Dog Fair events are expected to go toward dog adoption efforts and spay/neuter clinics.

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