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City will extend digging at court site page 2
Fredericksburg provides two more weeks for archaeological dig at Civil War site beside City Hall

Date published: 10/7/2012


What were Union soldiers doing in the cellar? When were they there, and why?

Those are among many questions the archaeologists, area historians and a growing circle of local residents have about the site.

City Council members, with Cameron, City Attorney Kathleen Dooley and project supervisor Robert Antozzi, toured the archaeological site on Wednesday.

Councilman Matt Kelly said Saturday that the contract decision came as a pleasant surprise.

He hailed the ongoing archaeological investigation, which prompts inquiries each weekday by passing pedestrians, as "an opportunity to promote the 150th-anniversary commemoration of the battle."

Kelly is a regular visitor to the dig, and has posted photos of its progress and some of its artifacts on his Facebook page.

"We should not pass up this chance to learn more about a traumatic time in our city's history, especially as we are preparing to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Fredericksburg," Kelly said.

"My hope is that more of an effort will be made to keep the public informed of what has been, and will be found, on the site."

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