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Families pay--dearly--to see students play

October 8, 2012 12:10 am

Families pay--dearly--to see students play

Students in Spotsylvania County High Schools playing any JV or varsity sport pay $100 (per sport) to play. Most families have no problem with that issue. Our granddaughter plays JV volleyball for her high school. Her parents, siblings, grandparents, and friends want to attend her matches: It takes a village to encourage and support our young adults.

Last year, as "seniors," we were admitted at no charge. At the first match this year we were each asked to pay $3. (We could do that.) As we talked with the folks around us during team warm-ups, we discovered that we got a deal! All the parents, siblings (most under 12), and high school friends paid a $6 entrance fee. The parents sitting in front of us had three children--one, a toddler.

You do the math. Multiply that number by the number 8 (five home games and three games at local high schools). Do you think that $6 per child 12 and under is taking advantage of families and friends? If yes, let the Spotsylvania School Board know what you think! I intend to do just that.

Linda Renkes


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