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October 8, 2012 12:10 am

Gladys H. Oberle School

The following students earned reward day recently to the State Fair: Shaina Harris, Rashawn James, Denise Otis, Ashley Lizama, Mila Isaak-Harrington, Denzel Dixon, Quinton Hammitt, Tony Leatherland, George Swann, Matt Colp, Sean Brennan, Russell Hussey, Sam Shafer, Nicholas Morrison and Ryan Licht. These students consistently demonstrated positive behaviors and good work ethic. --Patricia St. Clair

Odyssey Montessori

The following elementary students are studying botany, including a a hands-on program on photosynthesis: Shan Bennett, Jonah Bevan, Zane Darden, Dane DiEugenio, Katie Ibarra, Bonnie Little, Alex Murphy, Esha Pai, Bella Thomas, Zaara Uka, Madchen Watt and Ella Williams.

The following early childhood students recently viewed "All About Animals," where they learned about different animal furs, texture and habitat: Hasher Ahmad, Brooklyn Byrnes, Jacob Cavagnino, Asa Darden, Pablo Durarte, Ali Hafeez, Maddy Majesky, Riya Menachery, Jaya Pai, Omari Scherrer, Aanika Sethi, Arruv Sethi, Rudra Shah, Max Treacy and Cabell Williams.

--Emily Williams

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