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Auto sales quite brisk in September, though the strongest sales were with Japanese brands

Date published: 10/8/2012


Consider that GM's car sales, including those of the compact Chevy Cruze, jumped 29 percent. What hurt the company were sagging sales of SUVs and trucks, down 12 percent. Though Ford has "Focus"ed on bolstering its small-car line, its dependence on moving the gas-thirsty F-150 pickup in an era of high prices at the pump left its total sales up a measly 0.5 percent in September. Perhaps a new version of the discontinued Ford Ranger small pickup would be a recuperative tonic. With an increase of 36.6 percent in truck and SUV sales, Toyota is king of that hill.

Some of the Toyota/Honda numbers can be attributed to pent-up demand: Post-Japan-earthquake production lagged because of inadequate parts supplies from the island nation. On that general subject, even though their headquarters remain overseas, many of the popular Asian models are built in America by American workers--and jobs are jobs no matter who signs the checks.

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