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GOP voucher plan: Wreck on Main St.

Date published: 10/9/2012

GOP voucher plan: Wreck on Main St.

As America grows older, more surgeries may be needed to replace parts of our bodies. I had both knees replaced. The bills for surgery and hospital for my last replacement totaled $34,112.20. Medicare reduced that by $4,515.29, and my co-pay was $1,293.74. Under the GOP voucher plan, would my copay be $1,293.74, $5,809.03 ($1,293.74 + $4,515.29), or some larger amount if my insurance did not cover the costs as well as Medicare? The latter two would put a larger dent in this retiree's bank account.

I would be exempt under the proposed voucher plan, but I was raised in a Christian environment where we were concerned about our neighbor's welfare. I have children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren who would come under the voucher program.

As I see it, the voucher program would be a big gain for Wall Street but a tremendous loss for Main Street.

Charles McCullough