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Nats are champs, but the math seem wrong

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Date published: 10/9/2012

Nats are champs, but the math seem wrong

The Nats beat the Cardinals. As I write this, their record stands at 96 and 62. I was educated in California and could be wrong about my math. After all, counting the number of breaks in a set of waves was not that hard. That is, unless you forgot to pull your toes from the sand. Sometimes, we needed more appendages to count the larger numbers.

My problem is with the statement that the team is now 34 games over .500. Using all the toes and fingers of family and friends, I figure 96 and 62 comes out to 158. I subtracted toes and fingers until I had an equal number both up and down. I counted 79 of each. That would be half or .500 in baseball terms. My fifth-grade teacher taught me that 96 minus 79 was 17. Everyone can put your digits away, I can handle this now.

So if they have won 17 more games than the .500 mark, how are they 34 games over .500? I did use my math on this. Maybe when my daughter finishes her calculus class she can explain. Until then, nothing will change. I figure the team will win two of its remaining games. Their record will be 98 and 64. When I open the paper or turn on ESPN, they will be 34 games above .500. Or is it 17 games?

Joseph Gale