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Sorry, FLS, Romney was on the mark in debate

October 9, 2012 12:10 am

Sorry, FLS, Romney was on the mark in debate

Your Oct. 5 editorial, "Unanimous Decision," asserted that Mitt Romney "got away" with factual errors. Sorry, this is wrong.

The claim, made by the Obama campaign, that Romney will give the rich a $5 trillion tax cut was specifically denied by Romney prior to and during the debate. The FLS cannot use President Obama's assertions and transform them into Romney's words even in an editorial.

As for your claim that Romney is in error concerning Obamacare boards, Romney said "ultimately" they will decide what treatments you receive. No board will say that Granny Smith is not approved for a hip transplant, but it will decide, for instance, that all people over 85 will not be approved for hip transplants because it is not cost effective.

That is how 15 members of an unelected board will decide, ultimately, what treatment Granny gets.

It is your editorial, but facts are facts.

Jennings Lovitt

Locust Grove

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