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The beauty of nature, helpful folks bring smiles to readers
"Grins" range from the wonder of the Rappahannock to touch of a beloved retriever

 The waving, grinning Liberty Tax employees, like Marie Cecil on Route 3, bring a smile to one reader's face.
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Date published: 10/9/2012

By Rob Hedelt

WE NEED balance in the world, which is why for every "gripe" readers submit, I ask them to supply a "grin" as well.

Today's column is all grins.

Gregg Holmes of King George County is one to whom nature is a balm. His grin comes "every time I see the Rappahannock River," he said.

"What a living beauty she is. Her tides, her fury, her peace, the magnificence. What a treasure," he added.

Wayne Humphries, who lives at Lake Anna, gets a "smile of peace and contentment" from "living on 13 acres surrounded by forest and watching all the different wildlife we've lived with for the past 30 years."

Elizabeth White of Spotsylvania County also gets a kick out of nature. That's why she delights in banks of blooming lilies along country roads in summer and the hillside beside the railroad tracks downtown, as well as a patch of purple crocus on the edge of her garden and "a loved golden retriever's soft nose on my knee."

Lou Cubbage of Culpeper gets a kick out of the Liberty Tax guys and gals who make her day "with their green dress, hat and sign." She added, "I love to pass them waving and dancing. It was a great idea."

Susan Wyndham of Spotsylvania is grateful for the kindness shown by strangers when her husband, who uses a wheelchair, drives himself somewhere, often to run an errand.

"He will park and ask someone to help get the wheelchair out of the trunk," she said, "or ask a store employee."

She noted that he's never been turned down, with most people going the extra mile by "making sure he's in the wheelchair before they leave him, or helping to push or telling him to ask for help when he's ready to leave."

Wyndham added, "He comes home in the best mood because of the helpful people in our town."

Becky Hubbard of Stafford County has one simple thing that makes her smile: the guys who visit in the UPS trucks.

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