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The beauty of nature, helpful folks bring smiles to readers page 2
"Grins" range from the wonder of the Rappahannock to touch of a beloved retriever

 The waving, grinning Liberty Tax employees, like Marie Cecil on Route 3, bring a smile to one reader's face.
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Date published: 10/9/2012

By Rob Hedelt


"They are the friendliest, most upbeat workers anywhere!" she said.

Susan Evans of North Stafford said the staff at Stafford Hospital, where she spent several days earlier this year, lifted her spirits.

"Everyone--the nurses, technicians, lab folks, respiratory therapy, housekeeping and food service--went out of their way to be cheerful and helpful and never forgot to ask if there was anything they could do for me," she said.

She noted that many hospital patients forget they aren't the only people the staff are dealing with.

"A little patience on your part and a lot of genuine smiles on their parts lead to happier patients," she said.

Christine Cushing of Bowling Green said she gets joy from "getting to listen to bluegrass music from two local bands called Jerusalem Ridge and Milford Station" and from "friends who are always there for me, no matter what."

Steve Garnett of Fredericksburg said his day is brightened by people who have progressive thoughts about helping develop a vibrant downtown. He'd like to see "four or five blocks of a bricked pedestrian mall downtown," with vehicle access only for deliveries and emergency equipment.

"Other events like Oktoberfest would also be a boon to the local economy," he added.

Johnson Maxey of Fredericksburg is gratified that as he walks through Fredericksburg and sections of Stafford County, people ask him directions to particular streets or businesses, "probably because they deem me readily available." Because of that, Maxey said, he's "very happy to have the opportunity to help them."

That's all for this year's Gripes & Grins.

Thanks to all who submitted their lists.

I'll be back to ask for another round in that cruelest month of the year: February.

Rob Hedelt: 540/374-5415
Email: rhedelt@freelancestar.com

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