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President's health reform helped me, my family

October 10, 2012 12:10 am

My father worked for General Motors for 28 years before his plant closed. Because of the auto industry bailout, he has a pension.

My 26-year-old sister has worked hard for the same coffee shop since high school graduation. This lower-income job does not provide health insurance. Because of the new health care law, my parents were able to meet my sister's medical needs through their insurance.

I recently decided to become a stay-at-home mother. This career decision means that my family and I have to be financially resourceful. At my last health checkup, my provider notified me that I no longer have to pay a copay as the visit is considered preventive care. Because of the new health care law, my insurance covers 100 percent of such costs.

My student loans have been consolidated, and my interest rates decreased, allowing me to pay one lower payment per month, which gives me access to more of my money. The expansion of Pell Grants has allowed my sister to start college, improving her chances at finding a more satisfying future.

My family and I have been positively impacted by many government programs, but the above examples demonstrate how our president and his decisions have directly helped my family.

I will vote for President Barack Obama, not because I do not like the alternative. I will vote for President Obama not because of philosophy or ideals. I will vote for President Obama because he has done a good job for my family and me, The People.

Melissa Lavery


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