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Roundabouts calm traffic in many places

Date published: 10/11/2012

Roundabouts calm traffic in many places

I concur with Free Lance-Star letter writer Jason Fitzgerald ["Why not a roundabout in King George County?" Sept. 17], regarding the project to improve a portion of roadway at the intersection of Dahlgren Road (State Route 206) and Owens Drive (State Route 218) in King George County.

Over the past decade or so the area has become dangerous to negotiate. VDOT must move on this one, and soon! A roundabout could well be the solution.

Roundabouts are becoming more the trend in calming and slowing traffic. In Europe, roundabouts are used all over the countryside.

This past summer, traveling through Indiana and Illinois, I noticed that there were at least a half-dozen recently constructed roundabouts in these states. In each of the roundabout situations, traffic was flowing smoothly and safely.

Yes, VDOT should strongly consider a roundabout as the solution for the traffic problem at Owens Drive and Dahlgren Road in King George County. There is a small cemetery located nearby, but certainly a roundabout could be constructed so that the cemetery would not be adversely impacted.

Brenda Hamilton Hynson

King George