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What's happening to America's values?

Date published: 10/11/2012

What's happening to America's values?

When I taught public school years ago, I was stunned that two or three troublemakers could ruin the tone and flow of an entire class. And that we were forced to keep them, tolerate their behavior, and educate them. I wonder if the same thing is happening to America on a bigger scale. Are a few people ruining America for the rest of us?

America was founded on religious freedom, religious values, tolerance, and justice--that is what we were taught. If that is true, where is all of this intolerance, bigotry, and un-Christian behavior coming from?

I would like to know who are the people who engage in medical fraud. (I know they exist because I have encountered some of it myself.) Who are the politicians who blatantly lie to get into public office? (We've seen the commercials, but some Americans refuse to fact-check, and are duped.)

Who are these people who disdain the sick, poor, elderly, and helpless? What kind of religious value is that? Will someone please find that Scripture for me?

Let's not forget religiously pious politicians who want to protect the unborn while denying medical coverage to children already on the planet. Who are the greedy and self-centered millionaires who hoard money for the next five or 10 generations, but don't want to see the rest of us have sustainable lives?

Are these the same people who don't mind sending other people's children into war to protect their political or financial interests?

My problem is I know most of these people go to church on Sunday, as I do. But what good is it doing them? Where are their spiritual values?

Sandra Manigault