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Feral cats need trap-neuter-return

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Date published: 10/11/2012

Feral cats need trap-neuter-return

Oct. 16 is National Feral Cat Day--a day for us to think about the outdoor cats in our community. We often see these cats ducking behind the supermarket or sunning in our backyards. Many of us dig into our wallets to feed them.

Feral cats exist in every community and they usually live in groups called colonies. Feral cats are not socialized to humans and are therefore not adoptable. Thousands are routinely killed in shelters each year. Let's help the feral cat colonies and get educated about a program called trap-neuter-return, a humane method of care that ends the breeding cycle and creates a safety net for the cats and our community.

Let's end the cycle of animal control practices that that rely on "catch and kill." Not only is it cruel, it is expensive and our tax and donor dollars are funding it. It's bad public policy based on bad science.

Cities across the country are realizing that rather than endless "catch and kill," our tax dollars and donations would be better spent on trap-neuter-return for outdoor cats and low-cost spay and neuter for all cats.

It's our community's turn to do our part and put an end to "catch and kill" practices. The feral community does not have a voice, but we do!

Joan Enoch


President, AdvoCATs Inc, Spotsylvania County Feline Rescue