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Our forebears: They came, they sawed, they saved page 4
Books in Mind: "American Canopy," reviewed by Scott Howson

Date published: 10/12/2012


This conflict was an issue in the hardwood forests of New England, in the Southern yellow pine forests of the Gulf Coast, in the fir and spruce forests of the Northwest, and even in the cherished giant sequoia groves of California. This conflict is what urged people to organize, push for legislation, and eventually establish government programs to ensure that America will always have good, healthy forests.

Today, America is successfully keeping the two sides apart, promoting tree farms for trees and building things while protecting our remaining wilderness areas for the forests and the people who love them. The conflict isn't settled, but we have come to realize the need for both forests and trees. How we got to that realization is a very interesting story.

Scott Howson, a former Fredericksburg vice mayor, is an environmental activist with a lifelong love of hiking through the forest and making things from wood.

Next month: Archer Di Peppe discusses "Ambrose Bierce: The Devil's Dictionary, Tales, and Memoirs."

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