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Hooray! For God and all that is good in the U.S.

Date published: 10/12/2012

In response to the FLS Oct. 1 letter to the editor ["I'm the 1 percent "], I agree 100 percent.

I am so tired of the "unfair" treatment complaint from illegal aliens in our country; the "unfair" treatment complaint from lawbreakers and murderers; the the "unfair" treatment complaint from atheists; the "unfair" treatment complaint from homosexuals; the "unfair" complaint of those not working and/or insured; and the laziness of our self-serving politicians.

Hooray for "English only spoken here" and immigration laws not ignored but strictly enforced.

Hooray for the police and "you do the crime, you do the time."

Hooray for prayer in the name of Jesus.

Hooray for "staying in the closet" and simple laws for "significant others."

Hooray for education, job training, a limit on welfare, and self-reliance.

Hooray for congressional term limits to ensure members have only the time to work to better our country and our lives.

Hooray for the Constitution, which is awe-inspiring.

Hooray for God! He is the reason for our lives and creation of our country. The Founders believed that basic concept and His name was placed on our money, in our courts and pledges, and in our schools.

His commandments and moral codes were good enough for our Founders: What has changed?

Linda Smith