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White's column told us truth about ourselves

Date published: 10/12/2012

White's column told us truth about ourselves

Linda White's Viewpoints column ["Would a 'virtuous'--or free--people re-elect this ticket?" Oct. 7] was outstanding. It summarizes where we are as an electorate, which reflects the world we live in--sad, but true!

I am not a diehard Democrat or Republican. I try to vote based on my knowledge of the facts--actual, not perceived. The "facts" of the current administration lead to a conclusion of failure. I wish it were not true. Unfortunately, many voters do not avail themselves of the facts at hand and actual history. Emotion seems to be the prevailing trend in how the majority votes these days.

We are sadly lacking in leadership in this country--perhaps the worst scenario I have seen in my lifetime.

Michael B. Goodin