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Accident-scene work could be better, officers

October 12, 2012 12:10 am

Accident-scene work could be better, officers

There was recently in our area a traffic accident with fatalities. An acquaintance and I were discussing how in this accident, as in many others, law-enforcement officials seemed to fail to take into consideration common-sense ways to avoid a traffic jam for such long periods of time.

Why not block the traffic coming up on the site by redirecting it through a subdivision and using one of the many troopers, standing around talking, to lead that traffic? I would bet if you had four different investigators and did not let them talk to each other you would maybe get four different stories on what happened. I can see no reason for so many responders to be there when, as the old saying goes, if you need a cop none can be found.

I often wonder: If you had a medical emergency while waiting in one of these lines, what would be the chance of losing another life? I think with all the roads in the area and with drivers having Google and GPS, troopers could knock a lot of wait time off and maybe save other lives.

With this area growing more every day, there will be many more crashes. Using common sense while wrecks are being cleared may be a top priority.

Leo Breeden Jr.


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