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Halls of ivy meet reality, challenges page 5
Rick Hurley and Steve Greenlaw's op-ed column on the future of college education in America.

 UMW is well regarded for its stellar educational offerings and its beautiful campus.
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Date published: 10/14/2012


UMW is uniquely poised to make this move. We have a dedicated cadre of faculty who have experimented for more than a decade with using technology in innovative ways within the curriculum. Students have become accustomed to thinking of technology as a transformative power within the disciplines they are studying. Our Division of Teaching and Learning Technologies has gained national and international recognition for its creative implementation of technologies in support of curriculum. Our library services eagerly support the development of technologically fluent students. Our new Center for Teaching Excellence & Innovation is committed to promoting and sustaining excellence in teaching, advancing student learning, and exploring and developing innovative pedagogy and curriculum. Our Department of Information Technologies is dedicated to supporting technology as more than just a tool for administrative purposes.

All of these individuals and groups have dedicated themselves in a variety of ways to understanding the power and potential of technology in higher education. This potential will set UMW apart from its peers in the 21st century.

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Richard V. Hurley is president of the University of Mary Washington. Steven A. Greenlaw is professor of economics at the University of Mary Washington.