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Hand-only CPR may be the solution

October 14, 2012 12:10 am

Hand-only CPR may be the solution

It is heartbreaking to read about the loss of Gwyneth Griffin who, at the age of 12, fell victim to sudden cardiac arrest ["Family's loss sparks life-saving campaign," Oct. 1]. More than 300,000 people are lost each year to sudden cardiac arrest.

That school system has to find $45,000 for CPR training, to fund annual refresher training thereafter, and apparently change the law about CPR training in schools. I would also suggest that they consider purchase of an automated external defibrillator, which costs about $1,500.

However, it would appear that everyone has overlooked a simple technique that can be learned in about five minutes. It is a two-step process called hand-only CPR and training is on a number of Web pages including the American Heart Association's, and there is an app for that. You can download an application to your iPhone or Droid that teaches you how to do the hand-only CPR. Everyone at the school, including students, could learn how to do hand-only CPR and be ready to save a life.

David R. Sadler


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