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Romney has America's best interest at heart

October 14, 2012 12:10 am

Romney has America's best interest at heart

Anyone who has a job or owns a business is considered rich. I am so tired of hearing about Mitt Romney favoring the rich over the middle class. That is just being used as a political ploy. Nobody can become president who isn't rich. President Obama is rich by his own standards.

My husband and I owned a business for years. It was a money pit. On the surface it looked like we were raking in the dough. People are ignorant as to what it takes to own a business. The sacrifices, guts, endless hours, sleepless nights, how you're going to cover bills, payroll, employment taxes, etc. Everyone on the outside says you're rich. But all the properties my husband had left to him by his father were sold to keep the "money pit" going. Things aren't always as they appear.

Right now, with unemployment and all the people who are struggling, Romney's "47 percent" is about right. Obama wouldn't be so defensive if it were so far off.

I hear all the time how Romney can't relate to the "middle class." Michelle Obama and the girls are certainly not relating to the middle class with the extravagant trips and shopping and their huge entourages. We can't afford another four years of their extravagant spending. The 53 percent left who are working have their hands full.

If we do nothing, I fear for the fate of the USA. At least a change of administration for the next four years is an opportunity to salvage and redeem America. At least it involves a couple of men who love America. How is that for change?

Linda C. Govenides


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