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Disability Awareness Month is here

Date published: 10/14/2012

Disability Awareness Month is here

October is Disability Awareness Month. We take the month to increase awareness of and recognize the people with whom we live, work, learn, and love and their conditions that make them differently abled.

Disability may come in the form of a birth defect or a sickness, with age or an accident. Over the years, one's eyes may lose maximum focus and glasses will be needed to see or blindness may occur. A sickness may restrict the ability of a person to go to work, affecting his livelihood.

Also, some people will be born with learning disabilities or physical conditions that prevent them from learning or performing normally. Or an accident may change how a person is able to live the rest of her life.

Every person at some point will have a disability; of the 69.6 million families in the United States, more than 20 million have at least one family member with a disability.

Please take a moment to increase your awareness of your community. Learn about achievements of Virginians and other Americans with disabilities who have made significant contributions and who have led the way in the disability-rights movement. Do not see "people with a disability," but rather human beings able to contribute and live full lives.

Find out more by visiting: virginiaselfadvocacy.org.

Laura Bucklin


Linda Bucklin is treasurer, Stafford County Special Education PTA.