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Inspector Johnston, don't arrest Big Oil

October 15, 2012 12:11 am

Donnie Johnston! How can you believe in the existence of a diabolical plot by "Big Oil" to melt the polar ice cap ["Winter forecast: So warm you'll freeze to death," Sept. 22]?

In the first place, Santa Claus would never permit any encroachment into his domain. Secondly, why would Big Oil gamble for new oil in the Arctic when they can just raise the price of oil any time without the cost of new research and still make a little pocket money?

Science has come up with many reasons for the melt and climate change. So far I have not heard any mention of the imperceptible shift of Earth's north and south polar axis in relation to the sun. The cause of this shift is not so much the movement of land masses on the surface of the earth, but collisions of mass plates far beneath the surface.

It is the shift of Earth's interior and exterior structure, along with new weight disbursements, that causes a change in the angle of rotation, thus creating a new north-south polar axis.

Eons from now the change brought about by all this constant shifting of Earth's structure will produce a new, unrecognizable planet. Who knows, North America may be found in the middle of the Pacific Ocean or under it. But old Santa may still be found in his residence at the end of a new polar axis.

All this theorizing may be in vain. Rumor has it that on Dec. 21 of this year Earth will come to an abrupt end. So who cares if the Arctic and Antarctic ice caps are melting? Let's pack our bags and be ready for the Hereafter.

E.N. Goodridge


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