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Date published: 10/15/2012


Head Start

Students of the Week were Adriana Beard, Crystal Alvarez-Jovel, Jamareius Billingsley, Alyssa Beatty, Sa'adia Butler, Chaniya Belen, Brianna Baker, LySander Diaz-Flores, Tysir Blakey, Anthony Claros-Velasquez, Saida Caleb, Marie Balboa, Russel Asiedu, Jayden Browne, Kamora Arnold and Kevin Bermudez-Arevalo.

--Alice Thompson

Ferry Farm Elementary

The following students are Student Council officers: President Devony Friday; Vice President Kylee Thomas; Treasurer Joey Baker; Secretary Luke Montrief; Historian Sam Wheeler; and Mascot Abbey Taber. The SCA will collect cereal this month for the Fredericksburg Area Association of Realtors Cereal Drive.

-- Ellen Doxey

Garrisonville Elementary

The following students participated in the principal's summer reading challenge and read the most books in their classes. These students will receive a special lunch with the principal, Marcie Fields:

Cole Beckley--second grade

Nathan Klepic--kindergarten

Brooke Klepic--kindergarten

Ean Drwiega--second grade

Carleigh Lamborn--fifth grade

Emily Aversen--third grade

Lenny Klepic--third grade

Lilia Vanderhoof--fifth grade

Khobe Oliver--fourth grade

Emerson Rodriguez-- fourth grade

Jacquiline Kuzma--fourth grade

Aiden Lane--first grade

Skylar Mack--second grade

Anna Moore--first grade

Alexander Fuller--first grade

David Dunay--first grade

Sam Dunay--third grade

Katie Hasenecz--fourth grade

Chris Carter--fifth grade.

-- Sally Moore

Rockhill Elementary

Student Council officers for the year are: President, Brooke Burzynski; Vice President, Emily McHugh; Secretary, Maya Vallejo; and Treasurer, Avalee Taylor.

Student Council is sponsored by teachers Pam Kantor, Tiffany Black, Ann Cobb, Jizelle Pickering and paraprofessional Maureen Winston.

--Pat Johnston

Widewater Elementary

The following students are in the Wildcat Flag Corps: Devon Carro, Madison Mack, Dominic Richmond, Marcel Hills, Amber Askelson, Ryan Klapp, Damian Rivera, Sally Huang, Jallal Khan, William Watson, Andy Steimer, Ryan Griffis, Maria Johnson, DJ Washington, Mariam Sow, Arahi Navarro, Jayriah Yazzie, Brandon Rabak, Kai Braxton, William Watson and Clarence Braimah. Librarian Angela Ewald is sponsoring this crew.

The following students are WCAT broadcasters: Adrianna Nesbit, Isabel Hamilton, Gracie Daley, Alexandra Steimer, Jacob Valle, Eliza Sok, Natalie Hendrix, Alex Laboy, Madison Mack, Joseph Lane, Ana Bocanegra, Summer McPhillips, Ayanna Parker, Nadirah Villarreal, JD Dickinson, Melanie Diaz, Maria Stokes and Ashlyn Engleman. Behind the scene are the technicians: Michael Hawkins, Emily Osorio, Samantha Meidt, Dominic Oladipo, Owen Harrigan, Asia Smitley, Andre Nesbit, Nhur Everson, Zamaia Hutchinson, Reece Dunville, Shamey Tucker and Augustine Duku. Producers are staff members Rana Buck, TRT; Beth Price, CTT; and Nancy Brothers, library assistant.

--Nancy Brothers

Gayle Middle

The following Gayle Middle School students were selected for the All-County Chorus:

Soprano--Emily Narvaez, Nya Currie, Courtney Jones, Caitlin O'Donnell

Alto--Jordan Williams, Cameron Roberge, Madison Lafley, Ariana Wallace, Anne Johnakin

Baritone--Darius Singh, James Howe, TJ Johnson, David Ghansah, Nick Kahane, Ayden Jilson.

--Susan Easter

More Stafford school notes will run in Tuesday's paper.