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Why aren't the media harder on Obama?

October 16, 2012 12:10 am

Why aren't the media harder on Obama?

The liberal media are beginning to get to me. Apparently, they are also getting to "two dozen conservative activists and media personalities who urged members of their respective groups to switch off the 'biased news media,' claiming in an open letter that establishment media are 'out of control with a deliberate and unmistakable leftist agenda'" [Fox News]. The Free Lance-Star is beginning to fall into the liberal media category as well. I cannot remember the last time I read an article that was favorable to Republicans; however, every day it publishes one or more AP articles with a liberal slant. And I'm paying for this?

It is beyond me why media types intentionally withhold information from the American public. They do not ask Obama and liberals the hard questions and do not do the same level of "investigative" reporting on Obama and Democrats as they do on Republicans. For example, the media have been banging the drum for Romney to "give us details" of his policies for months. I am not aware that Obama has any policies!

Except for the two folks on Univision who asked Obama a few hard questions recently, where has the press been hiding? Just recently in Ohio, Obama said that "with the right policies in place, we can create millions of new jobs. And that's why I running for president." Exactly what are those magical policies, Mr. President? He doesn't say. He never says.

I challenge the FLS as well as liberal readers to name one--just one--specific policy that Obama has championed during the year he has been campaigning for re-election, that he has said he would put in place during the next four years to improve the economy. Just one!

Col. Blake J. Robertson


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