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Linda White's column was full of wisdom

Date published: 10/16/2012

Linda White's column was full of wisdom

Thanks, FLS, for the excellent commentary by Linda White ["Would a 'virtuous'--or free--people re-elect this ticket?" Oct. 7]. Mrs. White's perception strikes a chord with Americans who value the dignity of hard work; respect family; have a sense of justice, law, and order; know the importance of a quality education; and have a strong allegiance to our great country and reverence to God.

Sixty-seven percent of Americans think our country is headed in the wrong direction. I'm among them.

For 50 years I've played by the rules: taking risks, experiencing failures as well as successes, and being duped by sweet-talking politicians who've managed to screw up our great country. I never considered my circumstances as being "unfair," because life itself is unfair! Obama now wants me to cough up a "fair share" for a "fair shot" for others? A fair shot at what?

Will giving our tax payments to people with no ambition, no skills, little education, and conflicting values provide a fair shot at anything? The only fair shot is the one Obama gets to stay in office.

There comes a time when our fellow Americans need a temporary hand up. Thank God we live in an understanding and charitable country and are able and willing to help. What irks hardworking Americans, though, is when the undeserving believe it's their right to collect permanently; and when this way of life is encouraged by modern ward heelers to buy votes.

Frustration is added when crooked individuals "game" our system's benevolence. I agree with Mrs. White. We're headed for disaster if Obama is re-elected. Some voting for "Mr. Cool" understand this and don't care; others don't know and don't care; and many simply don't know what they don't know, believing in nothing, and fall for anything promised to them.

Well, we sometimes don't get what we pay for, but one thing's for sure--we always pay for what we get.

Alan Branfman