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Why would anyone vote for Obama?

October 16, 2012 12:10 am

Why would anyone vote for Obama?

Thank you, Linda White, for finding the words to say what I wanted to say ["Would a 'virtuous'--or free--people re-elect this ticket?" Oct. 7]. I especially resonated with her concern for women and ask myself, "Why?" when it comes to their support for President Obama and other liberals.

How can we be free when we are never allowed to embrace the qualities that are integral to what makes us women, those nurturing impulses that Planned Parenthood has to spend millions to deceive and deaden to get us to abort our children? When will we catch on that women are being abused now like never before?

As a result of abortion, the child that could bring accountability to a man and an abrupt end to a woman's abuse is simply removed. And the woman is pressured by the man, her family and friends, and her government to do what is against her glory as a woman and kill her own child.

Why? To make their lives easier and get her back into the "productive" life of work so they can go their merry way at her expense. How is this different from other cultures where the fathers won't let their daughters marry because they are an economic asset to them?

We no longer allow a woman protection and honor in being a mother because we prefer the monetary gain she can give rather than the influence she could wield to raise virtuous children who would bring strength and integrity to our culture.

I knew when President Obama said he wouldn't want his daughters to be "punished with a baby if they made a mistake" that here was an unprincipled man who couldn't even identify that he was talking about his own grandchild.

As women we need to get back to who we really are and nurture our nation back to a family that loves and cares for each other freely and is not deceived into giving up what gives us most in this life.

Mary Jane Kittredge


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