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K.G. board will review by-the-book policy
King George supervisors continue to deal with issues stemming from an old manual they adopted over the summer

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Date published: 10/18/2012


King George County Supervisor Joe Grzeika pointed out one of the sticking points of an old manual the board adopted this summer.

He told fellow members of the Board of Supervisors on Tuesday night that he is almost out of business cards. He asked for permission to order more.

"I know it seems trivial, but it is our policy for all board member expenses to be approved by the board in advance," Grzeika said.

He was asking for authorization, he said, because he wanted to "stay in line" with the policy manual.

Supervisors decided in August to bring back a manual from 2001 that's more specific about the responsibilities of each board member.

Supervisor Ruby Brabo started asking this spring for amendments that would guarantee that no supervisor would get information before another and that individuals wouldn't be allowed to make decisions without consulting the rest of the board.

Brabo and Supervisor John LoBuglio later said Grzeika had made what Brabo called "unilateral decisions."

As former County Attorney Matt Britton researched Brabo's request for a change in policy, he found the 2001 manual. Supervisors reluctantly agreed to put it into use again.

On Tuesday, Grzeika said he understood the reason for the policy. It would be awkward for a county administrator if a supervisor came to him and said he wanted a new computer and printer for his board work.

"What's he going to say? No?" Grzeika said, making the point that the manual says any expenditures, large or small, should be approved by the whole board.

Chairman Cedell Brooks Jr. didn't understand the comparison. "What does a computer have to do with business cards?" he asked.

LoBuglio wondered the same thing.

Brooks said he thought it was ridiculous that members couldn't go to a county clerk, as they've always done, and ask for more cards.

"Read the manual," Grzeika said. "You can't order anything."

Brooks brought up the fact that he missed the meeting when the old manual was approved.

Brabo said she pointed out, over the summer, that the manual needed to be updated, but the board decided to go ahead and implement it. She suggested that board members bring any concerns to the next meeting.

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