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The 'Burg is alive with 'The Sound of Music' page 2
Portraits of Riverside's "Sound of Music" child actors

 Riverside Center's production of 'The Sound of Music' features two casts of children. One group includes (from left) Annalese Fusaro, Caroline Mork, Joshua Otten, Nick Kahane, Jillian Brence, Caroline Griswold and Rhianna DeGeorge.
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Date published: 10/19/2012



Character: Kurt School: Freedom Middle School sixth-grader

Favorite song from musical: "So Long, Farewell" Why did you audition? "I thought it'd be nice [to be in the play]. My mom is playing Maria."


Character: Friedrich School: Home-schooled seventh-grader in Stafford

Favorite song in musical: "So Long, Farewell" Why did you audition? "I love theater. I'll be in any play I can get my hands on!"

Max has acted in several Riverside plays, including "We the People," "Alice in Wonderland," "Big Bad Musical" and "Phantom."


Character: Friedrich School: Gayle Middle School seventh-grader

Favorite song from musical: "Do-Re-Mi" Why did you audition? "This is my seventh show [at Riverside]. I thought it would be a good opportunity for me."

Nicholas said his favorite parts of being in the play are performing and being with his friends. He has also acted in "Annie," "Snow White," "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow," "Willy Wonka Jr." and "Hello, Dolly!"


Character: Louisa School: Home-schooled senior in Stafford; taking classes at Germanna Community College

Favorite song from musical: "How Can Love Survive?" Why did you audition? "I was in ['The Sound of Music'] seven years ago. It's like a brotherhood--once you do one [show] you have to do more."

Rachel has been in other Riverside productions, including "Phantom," "Anything Goes" and "Peter Pan."

She said she loves "the family atmosphere [and] the idea of being a sister to all the awesome kids I get to work with."


Character: Louisa School: Battlefield Middle School seventh-grader

Favorite song from musical:

"So Long, Farewell"

Why did you audition? "Last year I did a lot of Riverside. I loved it. It's like my second family."

Caroline has also been in Riverside's productions of "Annie" and "Hello, Dolly!"


Character: Liesl School: Graduated from Duke University in 2010; lives in Arlington Favorite song from musical: "Sixteen Going on Seventeen" Why did you audition? "I just love 'The Sound of Music.' It's one of my favorites."

Caroline has done professional dance and theater with regional theaters all over the East Coast, including the Ballet Theatre of Maryland.


Character: Liesl School: Graduated from the University of Mary Washington in 2011; lives in Fredericksburg Favorite song from musical: "I Have Confidence" Why did you audition: Hannah did theater in elementary school and high school, but her college years were her theatrical "dark ages."

"I really missed doing musicals. I really wanted to be in one again," she said. "To be someone else is the best--you forget about all your worries and be somebody else onstage."

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"The Sound of Music" runs from Oct. 20 through Jan. 6 at Riverside Center Dinner Theater, 95 Riverside Parkway in Stafford. Shows include Wednesday and Sunday matinees as well as evening productions on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

Tickets range from $20 to $60, and some include a meal. For more information, call 540/370-4300 or visit riversidedt.com.