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School News

October 23, 2012 12:10 am

Head Start

Students of the Week were Marleigh Buchman, Mariana Cepeda, Dameion Brown, Evelyn Castellanos-Villatoro, Ashton Brown, Wilson Gonzalez-Berganza, Marquis Boyde, Julieana Elimore, Jasmyn Childs, Aubree Bun, Cornelius Baylor Jr., Medhki Diamond, Nasir Burke and TreJour Coles.

--Alice Thompson

Falmouth Elementary

This year, Falmouth is a bucket filling school. Based on the book "Have You Filled a Bucket Today?" students and staff are spreading kindness to others by filling their buckets. Each month, two bucket fillers from each classroom are selected based upon the Word of the Month. September's bucket fillers are:

Shari Comerford's class--Kaleigh Wilson and Trevor Willis

Jacklyn Faraci's class--Tabyas Gerace and Brooke John

Deborah Foster's class--Makayla Darkow and Ashley Montes

Audra Gulick's class--Caleb Berry and Jade Clark

Philip Watt's class--Nakayla Clemmons and Marlee Trevino

Christie Cremo's class--Isaiah Bouchard and Sabeeha Ijaz

Michelle Johnson's class--Kassandra Carlson and Riley Tutor

Shelly Lomax' class--Malia Abell and Benjamin Ramierez-Howell

Mairin Martin's class--Lauren Eberenze and Eliana Fisher

Kerian Burroughs' class--Jakobi Johnson and Nathan Walton

Michele Repass's class--Mridula Manikandan and Riley Reid

Stephanie White's class--Micah Moran and Jocelyn Tejada-Rodriguez

Aaron Johnson's class--Jakeira Curtis and Christian Geades

Elena Stewart's class--Monika Carlson and Daniel Goudin

Alicia White's class--Alpha Aquino and Elizabeth Gonzalez

Christina Zelasko's class--Khalil Albajal and Shelby-Marie Sasser

Nicole Brizendine's class--Patricia Oliver and Kaden Rauch

Jennifer Evener's class--Ryan Beeson and Katrina Patterson

Sara Frazier's class--Bryan Brown and Medina Carter

Elaine Noe's class--Shiloh Dunlap and Cristian Melendez-Rodas

Amy Antholzner's class--Braxton Golson and Tristan Mitchell

Susan Johannes' class--Ian Bugay and Eric Hil

Jessica Hespen's class--Jackson Kendall and Ami Patterson

John Leonard's class--Aaliyah Mahone and Vinny McGovern.

--Joanne Moyer

Ferry Farm Elementary

The following students won the Pass, Punt, and Kick Challenge:

Fourth-grade Passing--David Flath, Kai Floode, Cody Goodman, Jolie Tusha, Decean Wortman, Anne Baker, Dawson McKoy, Zoey O'Neill

Fifth-grade Passing--Cullen Hodges, Madison Anderson, Dominic Soto, Zoe Tierney, James Baker, Jackson Mayorga, Megan DeBernard, Kevin Allard, Olga Wilson

Fourth-grade Punting--Marcuz Delaraga, Kiya Young, Cody Goodman, Jolie Tusha, Anthony Gresko, Adia Goldsmith, Hunter Eutsler, Zoey O'Neill

Fifth-grade Punting--Conor Shelkey, Madison Anderson, Connor Grella, Zoe Tierney, Christopher Hall, Megan DeBernard, Logan Elliott, Emily Wright

Fourth-grade Kicking--Ryan Anton, Kai Floode, Nathan Kidwell, Meghan Gray, Decean Wortman, Adia Goldsmith, Ronald Gaymon, Maya Moffett

Fifth-grade Kicking--Joseph Tirman, Devony Friday, Sebastian Miner, Zoe Tierney, James Baker, Lizzeth Mondragon-Estevez, Logan Elliott, Emily Wright.

--Ellen Doxey

Rockhill Elementary

The following students are winners in the October fifth-grade Math Problem Solving Challenge:

First place--Matthew Mooney, Abby Sussman,

Caroline Watts, Jason Wilke

Second place--Nabil Collison-Cofie, Emily Hayward, Noah Hernandez, Cornelious Mayes

Third place--Meghan Brown, Ethan Carr, Valerie Dalencourt, Christopher Kushner,

Mason Oberle, Saeda Stone, Edward Ware, Ashley Wyche.

--Pat Johnston

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