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Why does Milde want to sink Stafford High?

Date published: 10/24/2012

Why does Milde want to sink Stafford High?

I could not believe what I was reading in this morning's newspaper (Oct. 20). How could Stafford County Supervisor Paul Milde, in good conscience, hold up construction of the new Stafford High School? Money, time, and great cooperation have been extended by the public, the School Board, and supervisors in planning and approving this venture.

The entire county has wonderful high school facilities with the exception of southern Stafford. Our time has come. This project does not directly affect his district, so he is trying to position himself as the fiscal watchdog for the county as a whole. Meanwhile, the students and parents of southern Stafford are held hostage by his self-serving hypocrisy.

Our Board of Supervisors as a whole has done an exemplary job of fiscal restraint. There are times when projects need to go forward, and this is one of those times. Shame on Mr. Milde, and more shame because I don't think he cares.

Gale C. Kehoe