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Stafford man faces life for assaulting deputy
Man who fought with deputy pleads guilty to multiple charges.

Date published: 10/24/2012


A man who fought with a Stafford County deputy in a muddy creek earlier this year pleaded guilty to multiple charges Tuesday. Kevin A. Booker, 41, faces the possibility of life in prison when he is sentenced Dec. 20 in Stafford Circuit Court.

Among his seven convictions Tuesday were assault on a law enforcement officer and possession of cocaine with intent to distribute, second or subsequent offense.

According to prosecutor Jim Peterson, Deputy Brandon Morris was on patrol in North Stafford on March 24 when he saw Booker drive past. Deputies had been told to be on the lookout for Booker because that week he'd skipped a court hearing on a cocaine distribution charge.

Morris followed the car to Southampton Court, where Booker got out and ran into a creek. Morris pursued Booker while calling for backup. He caught Booker, who continued to fight even after being Tasered. Morris eventually got Booker handcuffed, but not before being punched in the head and tossed around in the mud, Peterson said.

Police searched the car Booker was driving and found more cocaine. Peterson said Booker also had pills that weren't prescribed for him in his pocket.