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Cantor doesn't speak up for the middle class

Date published: 10/25/2012

Cantor doesn't speak up for the middle class

Rep. Eric Cantor does not vote for middle class values important to Virginians.

In addition to voting "yes" on the Ryan budget, Cantor voted "yes" to terminate the Affordable Mortgage Program, which helps to stabilize the shaky housing market. He voted "no" on modifying bankruptcy rules to avoid mortgage foreclosures, which grants bankruptcy judges the power to alter the terms of mortgages on primary residences.

Cantor voted "no" on the $15 billion bailout for GM and Chrysler, which saved thousands of jobs. He voted "no" on a stimulus package for jobs, infrastructure, and energy. And shamefully, he voted "no" on regulating the subprime mortgage industry, one that preyed on Virginia homeowners and led to the worst recession since the 1930s!

On education, Cantor voted "no" on grants to help black and Hispanic colleges.

On the environment, Cantor voted "no" on enforcing CO2 limits on global warming and "no" on tax credits for renewable electricity.

That's not all: He voted "no" on tax incentives for energy production and conservation and "no" on investing in alternative and homegrown biofuels--all when we are paying almost $4 a gallon for gasoline.

Cantor may be rich, but most Virginians aren't. On helping the elderly, he voted "no" to require drug companies to negotiate their Medicare drug prices for seniors. And on keeping us safe, he voted "yes" to prohibit gun makers and sellers from being sued for gun misuse.

Finally, as Virginia suffered drought and poor farm production this year, Cantor blocked the 2012 Farm Bill from coming to the floor of the Congress.

Cantor is playing an unsafe game that threatens millions of U.S. farm jobs and the safety and stability of our food supply.

Virginia's 7th District must vote "no" for Rep. Cantor.

Howard Johnson