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Pave Dahlgren rail trail and make it HOT lanes

Date published: 10/25/2012

Pave Dahlgren rail trail and make it HOT lanes

There has been a lot of discussion on the controversial Virginia Department of Transportation project at the intersection of State Routes 206 and 218. The purpose of the project is to ensure the traffic flows, not to slow it down, as some have suggested, by adding roundabouts.

But the solution is quite simple: Since the King George County Board of Supervisors will not officially endorse the Dahlgren Heritage Railway Trail, which would have allowed the commonwealth to take it over as part of the Caledon State Park, the trail should be paved and made into HOT lanes.

Since the rail bed starts at Sealston in the west and exits across from Dahlgren's B Gate in the east, the project is already half done. It would have two lanes heading east in the morning and west in the afternoon. Overpasses would span where the rail bed intersects county roads, and tolls would be set in accordance with the current VDOT HOT lanes schedule.

This is win-win, as traffic on Route 206 would be minimal and the Naval Surface Warfare Center commuters wouldn't be impacted by school buses.

Then again, the Board of Supervisor should just endorse the trail.

Brian Roush

King George