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VDOT stiffing K.G.

Date published: 10/25/2012

VDOT stiffing K.G.

No matter how many times or in what form it has been stated, VDOT has refused to hear the concerns of the King George Board of Supervisors and county residents with regard to the State Routes 206 and 218 intersection project.

In 2004, VDOT contacted the supervisors and stated it had completed its analysis of the intersection (where Dahlgren Road and Owens and Windsor drives meet) and provided recommendations. The supervisors immediately responded with concerns and requested that VDOT "explore all avenues."

VDOT didn't reply, so the supervisors followed up again two months later only to learn that VDOT had already expended funds and moved forward with a project that appeared to offer no solution.

Maybe VDOT should have its hearing checked?

Robert E. Brabo II

King George