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Rob Wittman is a 'stealth' Tea Partyer

Date published: 10/25/2012

Everybody likes Rob Wittman. With his bright smile, charm, and earnest manner in describing his efforts to solve the problems that concern you, what's not to like?

Few think of "our Rob" as an extremist, but his record shows him to be one of the uncompromising members responsible for Congress' inability to get things done.

I believe any member of Congress who votes more than 90 percent of the time with his own party is serving ideology, not constituents. Wittman has cast at least 93 percent of his votes in line with his party. The average among all Republican representatives is 86 percent, according to Open Congress, a nonpartisan resource. By this measure, Wittman is an extremely ideological "yes man."

Although Wittman is not an official member of the Tea Party Caucus, 89 to 93 percent of his votes in Congress line up with Tea Party Caucus leaders. By this measure, Wittman is of the Tea Party in practice, if not in name. Local Tea Partyers are quite happy with Wittman; he's stealth Tea Party.

Most 1st Congressional District Virginians are moderate. We deserve to have a moderate, independent-minded representative. Wittman has proven himself a slick politician, disguising his extremism and his participation in radical congressional log-jamming.

Our votes can reduce the number of radicals like "Slick" Wittman in Congress. Elect Adam Cook, a retired Air Force major and an honorable moderate, to represent us.

Bob Lindsey