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George Allen's op-ed column on his goals as U.S. senator representing Virginia: Washington Needs Virginia Values

 George Allen worked with the GOP and Democrats to enact an ambitious agenda.
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Date published: 10/28/2012


--Virginia voters will soon momentously decide the trajectory of our country.

Like many Virginians, I hope this election will be remembered as the point when America changed the course of history--turning toward a bright future of growth and prosperity and away from dismal days of diminished opportunity and unprecedented dangerous deficit spending. During my travels, I have listened to hardworking men and women who want to see change in Washington. Families are dismayed by gridlock that has prevented Washington from solving the problems it has created.

Today, 23 million Americans are unemployed or underemployed. Thirty percent of our young people graduating from college are moving back home and nearly half are unable to find a job that fully utilizes their skills, talent, or education. Families struggle to afford gasoline that has doubled in price over the past four years. Parents are worrying for the first time if our children will have the same chance at the American dream that we did.

We also face the threat of "sequestration"--automatic cuts due to Washington's failed debt deal last summer. Our military faces an additional $500 billion in disproportionate cuts to national defense--cuts projected to cost Virginians hundreds of thousands of jobs.

These are serious challenges and they are the reason Susan and I are working to bring Virginia values to Washington. Like you, we believe in this country; that with hard work, personal responsibility, innovative thinking, and compassion for our fellow Americans, we will begin to ascend again.

Susan and I got off the sidelines and into the fight for this pivotal Senate seat because we firmly believe that Washington can change and that the fight for America's future is ours to win.

We can have a government that is efficient, effective, and accountable. One that focuses on its core constitutional responsibility of national defense and keeps its promised to veterans and their families for the benefits they have earned.

My own experience is proof that we can achieve remarkable improvements when we are determined to solve problems together. When I was elected to serve as Virginia's governor, we had an ambitious agenda and a Democratic-controlled General Assembly. Many "experts" said there was no way Republicans and Democrats would set aside political differences for the greater good to keep the promises I made. But we did it.

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George Allen is a former governor of Virginia and U.S. Senator. He is the GOP candidate in Virginia for the U.S. Senate.