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Visions from vying Virginians page 3
Tim Kaine's op-ed column about his goals if elected as U.S. senator from Virginia.

 Democratic candidate Tim Kaine (left) shakes hands with Republican candidate George Allen at a recent debate in the campaign for the U.S. Senate seat representing the commonwealth of Virginia.
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Date published: 10/28/2012


I've laid out a bipartisan, specific plan to address these cuts and avert their harmful impact. First, we should allow the Bush tax cuts to expire for income above $500,000, generating $500 billion in revenue. In addition, if we allow Medicare to negotiate prescription drug prices like we do in the Veterans Administration, and end subsidies to large oil companies, we can generate another $265 billion in order to reduce those cuts to a manageable level of targeted savings across every item of the budget.

As a governor facing the worst recession in 70 years, I had to make $5 billion in spending cuts but I knew that if we were only cutting, we would be making a big mistake. My opponent believes in that all-cuts approach and has sworn to never consider any new revenue. That would mean dramatic cuts to important priorities like education, Medicare, and transportation that are critical to the well-being of our families and to a growing economy.

I know how to work with both parties to solve fiscal challenges and grow the economy, because it's what we did in Virginia during my time as governor and as a mayor. That's why we were named America's Best Managed State by Governing magazine. When I worked with a Republican legislature to preserve battlefields in Fredericksburg, cut spending, and improve education, it was always by listening to both sides and looking for areas of compromise.

Both sides are going to have to leave political posturing and ideology at the door and work together to get things done. That's always been the Virginia way and it is what I will do if elected to the U.S. Senate.

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Tim Kaine served as the 70th governor of Virginia and is a candidate for U.S. Senate.