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Tea Party hatred on display at the festival

Date published: 10/28/2012

Tea Party hatred on display at the festival

It is a very sad time indeed when a historically small-town American festival is tarnished by the ugly sentiments displayed on the float presented by the local Tea Party in the Montross Fall Festival parade. I dare say in the history of the festival, there has never been a float as distasteful as the one they presented to the people of this county. Instead of using the opportunity as a chance to promote a positive message, they choose one of disrespect and evil (displaying the face of a devil).

Perhaps even more disturbing is the fact that they had their own very young children participate in this inappropriate behavior. They were too young to fully understand the meaning or the context in which they were being used. Who teaches their children such hatred? Where does this lead us?

Certainly there were no Christian values on display. I watched as the float passed by and heard gasps from folks in the crowd.

What an embarrassment to the community. One can only imagine how the gentle Founding Fathers of this county would have felt to witness such a spectacle.

Perhaps we should not have done away with the stockades. Who among us can ignore this type of behavior? Can we not use this to teach respect for one other?

God spare us from such hatred.

Diane Waltrip