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Here's a civics lesson for a letter-writer

October 28, 2012 12:10 am

Here's a civics lesson for a letter-writer

For all the ridiculous statements of late concerning liberals' insistence that Mitt Romney would ban tampons, reinstate slavery, and end women's rights, the most enduring and laughable is the drumbeat that Obama has had his socialist plans derailed by "a Republican-controlled Congress."

Letter-writer William Minnis parroted this line in his piece supporting Obama ["Obama's mistake: Thinking the GOP would compromise," Oct. 12]. Perhaps Minnis was absent on the day his government class laid out the structure of the legislative branch of the government. Here's a hint.

Congress is made up of two separate bodies. Shocking, I know. The House of Representatives has 435 members, and the Senate, 100. Currently, the House is Republican-controlled. The Senate, however, is not. Budgetary matters, while originating in the House, must go through the Senate for passage.

I guess that since roughly 65 percent of the commonwealth of Virginia is rural, Minnis would consider Virginia a rural state.

Like his hero Obama, it seems the facts are just a speed bump to Minnis.

Joe Schlatter


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