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Is GOP for or against eminent domain?

Date published: 10/28/2012

Is GOP for or against eminent domain?

Republicans are schizophrenic. They are opposed to the use of eminent domain, but 100 percent in favor of the Keystone XL Pipeline, which is the poster child for the use of eminent domain in the United States.

TransCanada, the Canadian company that would benefit from the pipeline, is suing 34 landowners in Texas, 22 in South Dakota, and, according to the company, dozens more in Nebraska.

Norman Ladd, the lawyer representing landowners in Tyler, Texas, says most of the landowners have been low-balled in compensation for their land. All of this despite the fact that federal permits have not yet been issued, which would be required for the eminent domain actions to go forward.

Worst of all, there is no guarantee that the oil would be sold in the United States. The Canadians can condemn land, drag dirty tar sands oil across six states, stomp all over property rights in those states, and sell the oil to China.

Are we for or against the use of eminent domain for private profit? That is the question.

Dorothy Miller