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'QOL' is attainable via lower taxes, less regulation

October 28, 2012 12:10 am


Spotsylvania's history, beauty, and economic opportunity provide quality of life.

Your editorial "Spotsy's QOL-ectomy" [Oct. 16] came as no surprise to most of us being slammed on the Planning Commission. After all, it was on this very page we read not too long ago that our community was somehow incomplete without a taxpayer-funded $200,000 park for dogs. Again, you are barking up the wrong tree.

Your assertion that the Planning Commission was being contentious is equally wrong. The nearly unanimous 6-1 vote by the commission would certainly suggest broad support. And debate on the draft statement was brief and not controversial. Only former Committee of 500 leader Cristine Lynch went on record as opposing our statement. What about recognizing Spotsylvania's historic past was troubling? Surely she doesn't oppose freedom and prosperity. Perhaps it was our statement seeking a higher standard of living through lower taxes, less government regulation, and a business-friendly environment.

According to this paper, what she objected to was removal of mention of the highly subjective term "quality of life." From the beginning of my term on the commission, it has been a goal to remove ambiguity from every element of the planning process. I have encouraged the Planning Department staff to refrain from the use of acronyms during public proceedings and strive to make the process as open, honest, and transparent as possible. Lynch, however, has decided to bring politics into the process.

Apparently, she is unaware that public policies of higher taxes and more regulation are at the root of our current national economic malaise. From the beginning of my term I have stressed the desire to improve our community by bringing more jobs to the county. More local employment opportunities will mean fewer people commuting and clogging I-95.

Now, that's a quantifiable, desirable improvement in our standard of living that everyone can support except perhaps Cristine Lynch.

Robert Stuber


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