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Don't lecture teachers on kids' behavior, FLS

October 29, 2012 12:10 am

Don't lecture teachers on kids' behavior, FLS

This is in response to "Bus 240: The law won." I cannot believe the audacity of the Free Lance-Star's editors to blame teachers for the outrageous behavioral problem a few students displayed. How dare you blame those teachers for a child's lack of respect?

These teachers work numerous off-the-clock hours and spend much of their own money for classroom supplies to educate what in some cases is upward of 100 students a year. I am not aware of any parents who are responsible for 100 children. A child arrives at school with the values and beliefs that are learned at home. Parents should take responsibility for the poor behavior of their own children and not blame the teachers.

If any of my own children were to show such blatant stupidity as to grab a police officer, the last person I would blame would be the teachers. The Free Lance-Star should be ashamed at the suggestion that the teachers of Brooke Point High School, or any teachers for that matter, need "remedial work" in teaching respect for authority.

Besides, if students treat an armed police officer like this, how do you think they treat their teachers?

Michael David Tucci


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