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Date published: 10/31/2012


As a current resident of the Northern Neck, I now drive 14 miles to and from the local store, use $2 worth of gas, and pay $1.05 daily and $2.10 on Sunday for the newspaper. That is $1,166 per year. In spite of these costs and the elimination of Town and County, my loyalty to The Free Lance-Star continued.

The 2012 ticket of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan is the most appealing in my lifetime. Your failure to recognize the value of Romney-Ryan is shortsighted. My loyalty to the Free Lance-Star has ended.

Paul M. Ventura



I commend you for recommending the re-election of President Obama. Your reasons for this recommendation are pragmatic and based on fact.

What the president faced when entering office and what he has achieved via his domestic and foreign-policy accomplishments are notable and deserving of recognition.

His accomplishments make him worthy of another term in office.

Bob Straight


How cute of you

Shocked! That's how I have reacted to your not-surprising editorial support for Obama. In your cute Democratic style of phrasing your argument, you overstate the positives, understate the failures, and ignore Obama's ideologies.

William Meredith


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