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Stafford High plan under fire page 3
Stafford High project still raising questions

Date published: 11/1/2012


Building the new school should take two years, and during that time the school's football, boys soccer, lacrosse and tennis teams would be unable to practice on their regular fields.

School Board members have been given five options to consider for accommodating the teams, but haven't settled on one yet.

The board immediately rejected the idea of installing new fields on the Clift Farm property. That option could cost more than $600,000 in the next three years. School Board members said that price was too steep to solve a temporary problem.

Other options include staggering practice times or using other locations, including nearby Chichester Park, the YMCA, the Fredericksburg Country Club or other Stafford County schools.

Another option involves the football team using the baseball fields during the fall, a plan that has drawn the ire of baseball players and their parents.

So far, these options are not scheduled for a vote, and board members haven't expressed partiality toward any particular plan.

School Board members were able to placate members of the JROTC program by allowing them to keep their building on campus.

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WHAT HAPPENED: At 37, Stafford High School needs some work. The School Board voted last year to replace the building with a new one. As the project moves forward and the county prepares to solicit bids, members of the public have complained about the plans.

AT ISSUE: The two most contentious points include plans to scrap the high school's popular automotive program and the two-year planned interruption in the use of athletic fields. WHY IT MATTERS: Fans of the automotive program say it provides the county with much-needed trained mechanics. The school division says the program would require at least $3 million to keep it on Stafford High grounds. Student athletes say that the disruption of practice time and home games could affect their ability to get scholarships.