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No wonder you didn't sign pro-Obama editorial

November 1, 2012 12:10 am

On Sunday, Oct. 28, you published an editorial, "Obama for president." It has always bothered me that you publish editorials unsigned. In this case, I understand if you did not want to sign it.

Bailouts and stimulus packages are not a part of the government's responsibilities. Bush's TARP bailout was wrong. Obama's ill-fated bailouts were massively wrong. Where do you think that $831 billion came from for the Recovery and Reinvestment package? My pocket and your pocket. (If you are not a taxpayer, this won't bother you.)

The government has no money except to tax us and borrow from the Chinese. (Note to editor: We have a deficit.) Obamacare has caused health insurance rates to "go through the roof" and is unconstitutional. An ambassador and three brave men died in Benghazi on his watch, and it is a "bump in the road" to the president that some of our consulates and embassies are not sufficiently protected. Life goes on (for him).

If you study the Constitution, you will see that this country was not established to be a socialist country. (Would you want to be Greece or Spain? People riot in the streets because handouts from the nanny-state government may be decreased.) Presidents and leaders from Woodrow Wilson to Hillary Clinton to Obama have tried to take this country down the progressive socialist path, but it is wrong.

Victoria Hayes


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